The struggle is real.

After moving across the world with nothing but a few suitcases, a big idea and no discernible plan, I was off to the entrepreneurial races! They just don’t tell you that the ‘races’ are more like running a marathon in jandals – with both hands tied behind your back, uphill, in the dark. Let down by overseas freelancers and frustrated by the high prices of many local experts, I quickly realized every small business had a similar story – one of a shoestring budget, a wish for 48 hours in the day and a lot of trial and error in searching for good professional services. It wasn’t the only thing that needed fixing but it seemed like a good place to start.

– Kristen


We have the highest standards.

and it matters.

We’re high maintenance. So we’ve crafted an artfully meticulous screening process that means we only end up with the best professional services. We have a knack for spotting bullshit and spend countless hours doing this one thing really, really well. You might wonder where we find the time. Let’s just say that we sleep less than most.


Now, now, now

We’re spending heaps of time finding more awesome lawyers, accountants, web designers, developers and graphic designers who love working with small businesses. Home base for us is Auckland. We’ve started here and are working to build our community across New Zealand.

Our team

We’re values-driven and are on a mission to make life easier for entrepreneurs. We challenge the way things are, create new ideas and execute like nobody’s business.

Kristen Wonch

A big picture thinker with a talent for finding creative solutions to tough problems. Massively curious and loves a good challenge. Gets excited about people, strategy and making things happen. Adrenaline junkie with a love for travel, surf and beaches.  

Audrey Johnson

UX Ninja

German engineering with a gypsy heart who’s worked in the US, OZ & Europe. A technical mind and creative spirit. Empathy guru and feminist. A Jack of all trades still looking for the one thing she’s really good at. Loves to make stuff work and believes in simplicity.

Our values


Don’t be a dick. Honesty is always the best policy. Be human. Take responsibility. Make people feel good.

Be Weird

Zig when they zag. Challenge the norm. Be adventurous, creative and open minded. Embrace each other’s uniqueness.


Be so good they can’t ignore you. Have the highest standards. Set impossible goals and get a little competitive. Be persistent.


Move the needle. Be positive. Connect with customers and make people’s lives better. Know your why. Do things that matter.