Entrepreneur FAQs


How does it work?

Jump over to Find A Pro and answer a few short questions. A real human reviews your info and sends you the profiles of two matches that suit your budget, location and expertise. You tell us which one(s) you’re interested in chatting with and we make an introduction. You’re then able to connect in person, email, Skype or phone to decide whether they’re a good fit.

Why can’t I see a list of all of the professionals?

Because directories are average and are no better than Googling your way through. Finding the right match for your business is what we do best. Let us do the hard work so you can sit back and chill.


How do you find me a good match?

Once you let us know what you need at Find A Pro, we review what you need. We make sure your matches are the best fit for you and your business – your stage of business, location, budget, timeline and what’s most important to you. We also use our knowledge of particular personality types, experience and specific strengths to find the best fit.

What if I can’t find a match?

We do our best to find you matches that meet all of your needs. We’re always looking to improve our process so if our matches didn’t work for you, let us know why at smile@ohuddle.com.


What are your vetting criteria?

Each pro goes through a structured interview with our a member of our team.

Each pro must 1) have a minimum of 5 years industry experience, 2) answer questions knowledgeably, 3) return phone calls and emails within 24 hours, 4) have any necessary professional designations and/or qualifications and 5) offer pricing a startup can afford. We also review previous work and speak with past or current clients if appropriate. It’s important to us that they’re honest about their strengths and weaknesses.

I need help with my business but the service I need isn’t listed here.

In order to be exceptional in our matching and building our network, we’ve chosen to focus on the four areas that entrepreneurs need the most help with – legal, accounting, web development and design. In our tireless effort to find great professionals, we come across many goodies that don’t fit into one of those boxes. Feel free to submit your details under the ‘OTHER’ category and we’ll do our best to find you someone awesome.


How much does it cost?

Nada. Our service is free for entrepreneurs. We charge the professionals a small fee for any work secured. All of our pros offer free initial consults so you can connect and get quotes without worrying about any charges. You only pay for the services once you decide to work with a professional. There is no obligation to work with anyone we match you with.

How does payment work?

You pay the professional directly so payments will depend on the particular policy of each pro. Some companies bill monthly, some invoice at year, and others will ask for a deposit before work starts. They will provide this information when you speak with them.